I treated myself – film is not dead

Some 15 years ago, I made a big error of judgement in my photographic career, selling all my film camera equipment, what a mistake !!

Today, there are digital images and narratives everywhere, we can have a camera in our pocket every moment of the day.

As a story teller, what makes your narrative different to others? As a photographer you a capturing and creating light within an image. Exposing on film captures this light in an emotional way that digital doesn’t.

Living most of my life in France, currently building and old fashion traditional darkroom, complimented with modern technologies, yes we can embrace new digital imagery and analogue with these two workflows working together.

I have been re-purchasing, slowly but surely film camera and darkroom equipment, with my latest addition the above Nikon F80 film camera with AFS 24-85mm lens, which I purchased used for around £125.

Feeling happy 🙂