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I was honoured, proud and privileged back in 2013 while in France, in having the time to visit the Bayeux War Cemetery.

Spending several hours with my children, reading together the names of the soldiers from all over the world and explaining to Kyla (10), Duncan (9) and Fenton (7) that these soldiers paid their ultimate price by sacrificing their lives so we could live the way we do today.

I was amazed to say that the place was so clean, with over 3800 graves of fallen soldiers from all over the world in immaculate condition.

This emotional moving place is so worth a visit, just a little over 30 minutes drive from the port of Ouistreham which is currently operated by Brittany Ferries.

Then across the road from the cemetery, with a large car park and picnic area, is the Museum of the Battle of Normandy, housing several tanks, jeeps, they will, of course, tell you their story and, of course, the Bayeux Tapestry, so you could make a day of it. Their twitter account is @BayeuxMuseum.

Ever visited Bayeux? Please do leave your experience of your visit or perhaps of my image in the comments below.

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Mark’s Score for visitor experience Bayeux : 8 out 10.