International Space Station is over Exmoor

If the Exmoor National Park has clear skies, if you look up at the date, times, direction of travel below you may see the International Space station overhead.

DateVisibleMax Height*AppearsDisappears
Tue Apr 28, 5:07 AM4 min16°10° above S10° above E
Wed Apr 29, 4:21 AM2 min11°10° above SSE10° above ESE
Thu Apr 30, 5:07 AM5 min32°10° above SW20° above E
Fri May 1, 4:21 AM4 min23°15° above S11° above E
Sat May 2, 3:34 AM3 min16°15° above SSE10° above E
Sat May 2, 5:08 AM5 min59°10° above WSW30° above E
Sun May 3, 2:48 AM< 1 min10°10° above ESE10° above ESE
Sun May 3, 4:21 AM5 min44°17° above SW15° above E
Mon May 4, 3:35 AM4 min32°28° above S10° above E
Mon May 4, 5:09 AM1 min22°10° above WSW22° above WSW
Tue May 5, 2:49 AM2 min20°20° above ESE10° above E
Tue May 5, 4:22 AM5 min75°15° above WSW22° above E
Wed May 6, 3:36 AM4 min59°39° above SW11° above E
Thu May 7, 2:50 AM3 min40°40° above SE10° above E
Thu May 7, 4:22 AM5 min81°10° above W22° above E
Fri May 8, 2:03 AM1 min20°20° above E10° above E
Fri May 8, 3:36 AM5 min88°22° above WSW10° above E
Sat May 9, 2:50 AM4 min75°66° above SW10° above ENE
Sat May 9, 4:24 AM6 min79°10° above W10° above E

All dates are 2020 and have been published in good faith as supplied direct by NASA.