Where have all the seagulls gone?

Seagulls Feeding
Seagulls swoop in to feed on leftover fish and chips in a Minehead car park (image taken 05th August 2022)

As I participate in street photography, I’ve noticed fewer seagulls around.

Is it that they have migrated, or perhaps?

Over flowing Rubbish Bin
Public overflowing rubbish bin in Station Yard car park, Minehead. (Image taken 29th July 2022)

Is there not as much litter or food lying around because it’s winter?

New Bins
The council has installed new larger, seagull-proof bins around Minehead (Images taken 27th January 2023)

My current thinking is due to the hard work of our councils and councillors, we now have larger, more seagull-proof bins, which seem to be discouraging these visiting animals.

This summer will be interesting to see if we have enough of these bins.

What do you think?

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